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At Addiction Resource Council, we work hand in hand with Waukesha County's youth and parents to try to prevent young people from engaging in high risk behaviors such as underage alcohol or drug use. We work with other community partners such as school teachers, law enforcement and other non-profit agencies seeking similar missions.

RESIST THE INFLUENCE Middle School Program

RESIST THE INFLUENCE (RTI) is a research-based, universal intervention, designed to reduce early first use of e-cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, and misuse of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs among middle school age youth (7th and 8th grade). The program explores social and peer influences which youth will encounter as they transition into high school.  With a proper understanding of the influences and pressures which they will encounter, students are able to resist those influences and make decisions that REFLECT WHO THEY ARE.  

RTI also provides preventive education on the outcomes and consequences of e-cig, alcohol, marijuana and Rx/OTC drug use in order to increase perception of risk and delay initiation of use.  The program is currently available in a 4 hour curriculum and is designed to be taught by ARC trained RTI Instructors.  

Stop and Think Underage Alcohol & Other Drug Use Lifestyle Risk Reduction Program 

'Stop and Think' is designed to prevent alcohol or other drug related health and impairment problems by increasing abstinence and reducing high-risk choices related to substance use among youth under age twenty-one (21). 'Stop and Think' is intended to promote behavior change and help protect the things they value.

'Stop and Think' uses an evidence based curriculum called Prime for Life®.  The Prime for Life® curriculum is based on biological, psychological and sociological research and is designed as a Lifestyle Risk Reduction model that systematically works toward increasing the incidence of abstinence. The Prevention Unit is intended to establish a personal perception of risk. Students learn specific, individualized, age-appropriate guidelines for the prevention of alcohol and other drug problems. The self- assessment in the Reflecting Unit allows participants to “see” themselves in a way that helps interrupt the progression into alcoholism or drug dependence. The Protecting Unit provides tools for participants to identify ways that their choices have been either jeopardizing or protecting the things they value most and develop a plan.

For upcoming class dates and times please see our calendar under the 'Events' tab.

The fee to attend the course is $175 (Please make sure the class does not say CLOSED on our events calendar)

Online payment for the Stop & Think Class Only (Please add a $6.00 processing fee)

Parent Power Night

At our 'Parent Power Night' we give our parents the opportunity to ask questions and learn from a panel of experts who work in the AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) field.  This panel is designed to inform parents of the newest alcohol and drug trends that the children of Waukesha County may face.  Our panel of experts include Law Enforcement, Public Health Nurse, recovering community member, school AODA counselor, a treatment provider, 'Stop and Think' instructor, and ARC's Executive Director. 

'Parent Power Night' is free of charge and open to the public.  Please visit our calendar (News/Events tab) for upcoming dates and locations.

Youth Substance Abuse Intervention

ARC will help young people and families as they navigate their way through what can sometimes be a challenging time.  Our alcohol and other drug assessment will help determine what type of education or if needed treatment is necessary if your child is struggling with alcohol and/or drugs.  Whatever the case, our trained assessors are here to help determine the root cause of the behavior through our assessment process, and assist with services to intervene early.

During the assessment process, the adolescent and parent meet with the assessor for approximately one hour. During this time, the assessor gathers information to better understand the root cause of the youth’s initial referral, including alcohol and drug use, mental health or trauma, and provides the family with programming recommendations.

There may be a fee for our services.  Call (262) 524-7921 to schedule your assessment.

YOUTH services

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