Council, Inc.

Addiction Resource 

Thunder and Rain Family Support Group

When & Where

Every Wednesday

6:30-8 p.m.

ARC Offices

The title of our support group only makes sense when you take it in the context of the storm that is sweeping through so many families in recent years.  It comes into our lives on the clouds of wreaks havoc on our families and relationships on the dark winds of opiate, alcohol or other drug disorders, and it carries away everything we hold dear in the lives of those we love.  It’s a storm.  It’s a devastating force.  And for those of us caught in it’s wake—it leaves us groundless and struggling to catch our breath.  Day after day...moment by moment...we struggle to help our loved ones find their recovery. And for most of us, we have no clue where to find the nearest higher ground.  So yes, there’s thunder and rain.

But there is also hope—and community, and a good group of people who come together to share resources, knowledge and strength.  If your life has been affected by addiction...please know, you are not alone.  We would love to have you join us.


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